InterPlanetary Consensus (IPC) is a breakthrough scalability framework that enables dApps to reach planetary scale 🪐 through recursively scalable subnets, sub-second transactions, robust compute workloads, and highly adaptable WebAssembly runtimes tailored to developer requirements.

IPC empowers developers to scale blockchains by distributing workloads and programs onto infinitely-recursive subnets in a tree structure. Subnets are deeply customizable in terms of consensus, execution runtimes, actor logic, gas, native token, and more!

This enables on-demand horizontal and vertical scalability of Filecoin and other chains. Your subnets can spawn their own state, validate messages in parallel, and seamlessly interact with any network in the hierarchy, as well as with the Filecoin root network.

**IPC: Instructions on Running a Local Node here:*

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More about IPC from LabWeek23 in Istanbul:

In IPC, subnets are organized in a hierarchy, with each subnet having its consensus instance, crypto-economic rules, and agreement algorithm. The basic components of IPC are:

GitHub - consensus-shipyard/ipc: Implementation of an IPC client and libraries

GitHub - consensus-shipyard/fendermint: IPC implementation atop CometBFT

GitHub - consensus-shipyard/ipc-solidity-actors: Reference implementation of Filecoin's FEVM IPC actors

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