Introduction to Bacalhau - decentralised compute over data

Bacalhau is a filecoin-ecosystem native peer to peer computation layer enabling compute over data jobs like GPU-enabled AI, ML, analytics, data engineering, data science, de-sci and more.

Bacalhau is a platform for fast, cost efficient, and secure computation by running jobs where the data is generated and stored. With Bacalhau, you can streamline your existing workflows without the need of extensive rewriting by running arbitrary Docker containers and WebAssembly (wasm) images as tasks.

It’s simple to get started with Bacalhau - just check out the awesome examples in our Docs!


Where does Bacalhau Fit into the master plan?

It’s the 4th pillar of a decentralised internet

filecoin decentralised internet pillars.png


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Intro to Bacalhau

Building an OSS Stable Diffusion Script and running on Bacalhau

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[Tutorial] AI-Art NFTs with Bacalhau on FVM (EthGlobal Spacewarp Hackathon)

🌈🦄 Build your own AI-generated Art NFT DApp!