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<aside> 💡 Who you are:

You are a dedicated founder looking to surround yourself with the strongest minds from across all web3 ecosystems.

You are looking to supercharge your success through best-in-class workshops, mentors, technical support and ultra-smart venture capital on the most founder-friendly terms.

If this is you…keep reading!


<aside> 👥 Intermezzo: Vibe check with our most recent Techstars Cohort!



“We play long term games with long term people” — Ruben, Global Lead Acceleration & Partner, Builders Fund

How to enroll: APPLY NOW HERE!

<aside> ⚠️ NOTE: We’re currently highly focusing on teams that are building on FVM!


<aside> 🚀 How to apply:

Option 1: Join our accelerator waitlist to be considered for future cohorts

Option 2: Apply here to see all programs currently sourcing (come back for updates)


<aside> 💡 Our recommendation to you

For highest chances of success go with both options above, if available. For Option 1 we grant our flagship accelerator partners access to your team’s information. Our accelerator partners will reach out to you directly when they see your team fits their program.